Calendar Scheduling Application

This application must be submitted to request an event be scheduled on the Open Door calendar.

If you are trying to schedule a new ministry or new event at Open Door, you must first receive staff approval by completing a New Ministry/Activity Request Form.

It is your responsibility to read and understand the Building Usage Policy Guidelines (PDF).

The Event Coordinator is responsible for all areas concerning the event. Please submit your Calendar Scheduling Application to the church office no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to the event.

Your Information
Are you a member of Open Door Baptist Church? 
Do you regularly attend Open Door Baptist Church? 
I attend service(s) each week.
Event Information

Recurring events can be scheduled for up to six (6) months at a time. Near the end of that six months, you can request an extension, if necessary. If you change your plans in any way, please notify the church office immediately.

Please list all upcoming events in the next six months:

Write a brief description of the event which can be used to help announce the event, if needed:

“Making disciples through Christ’s love at work within us.”
Does this event coincide with this purpose statement? 

Please explain:

Please review Open Door’s doctrinal statement (opens in new tab).
Does this event contradict Open Door’s doctrinal statement? 
Will an interpreter for the deaf be needed? 
Will the sound board be needed? 
Will the kitchen be used? 
Will you require the Safety Team at this event? 
Will any church decorations need to be moved?