Interpreter Request

This application must be submitted to request an interpreter at an event held at Open Door Baptist Church.

Please provide advance copies of all lyrics, notes, and/or PowerPoint slides to the interpreter so they can prepare to interpret your event.

Requestor Information
Phone Type: 
Are you a member of Open Door Baptist Church? 
Coordinator Information
Event Information

Recurring events can be scheduled for up to six (6) months at a time. Please schedule an end date and request an extension, if necessary, at that time. If you change your plans in any way, please notify the church office immediately.

Will the room be darkened for any reason? 
Will there be video shown? 
Will there be music? 
What type of music? 

Who will provide the lyrics to the interpreter two weeks prior to the event?

Will the interpreter need a microphone to voice interpret for deaf participants? 
Will there be a dress rehearsal? 

Do you have any additional information that might help the interpreter prepare for the event?