Interested in becoming a member? Read on to learn how.


What is membership?

At Open Door, we value commitment to the local body of believers. We define church membership as:

A Confession of Faith

Faith is invisible, but it results in visible evidence. With a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and Christian baptism, there is identification with God’s people.

An Expression of Gratitude

When we identify with the Body of Christ — the church, we express our commitment to and gratitude for The Savior.

A Confession of Need

In the fellowship with other believers we grow together to become more like Christ and to fulfill His will for us here on earth.

An Involvement in God’s Program

As we use the gifts and talents God has given us, we find our place in the Body of Christ.

Why Become A Member?

The answer is commitment. Commitment both to Christ and His Church, reflected in tithes, attendance, and ministry involvement.

Joining the church has nothing to do with salvation or eternal life. But the Church does represent the place of spiritual growth for the believer. The Church is the God-ordained place of spiritually gifted ministry by those who desire spiritual growth.

God never intended that any Christian should live in isolation. He knows we need to belong to a community because He made us that way. The word saint never appears in the singular, only the plural. We need each other, and God provided the Church to meet that need.

The community was designed and put together to meet the needs of the people. The Bible calls it a body — one body, but many members. The Church is the house of God. We are the family of God. We are sons and daughters in God’s ‘forever family.’

The New Testament Church is a redeemed, baptized membership. It is a steadfast and serving membership that reaches out in the power of the Holy Spirit to tell others the good news of Jesus Christ.

All of us like to be around people who are committed. Membership is a public way to demonstrate your commitment. We are the visible body of Jesus Christ — the body in the local New Testament Church. Membership is a powerful testimony to the world.

How can I become a member?

If you are interested in learning more about membership, any one of our pastoral staff would love to meet with you.
Please contact our church office to set up a time to meet.

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